"Her songs rumble with emotion." NY Times

Austin, TX based singer-songwriter Amy Atchley has a long history of performing in Austin and New York City since the 90’s. With four solo releases under her belt, Amy returned to the studio to record a new a collection of songs to be released on February 17, 2023! The project, featuring 8 originals and one cover was and produced by Robert Harrison of Cotton Mather. The songs were written on piano and/or guitar which serve as the record’s backbone to support Atchley’s signature ethereal and incandescent vocals, giving the music a moody, yet irresistible vibe. The project was recorded in Harrison’s cabin studio in the TX hill country just outside of Austin and provided a haven to clear the mind and let the creativity flow. 

The title track, “Sometimes a Woman is King” is about sisterhood and is for all the strong women and survivors, the moms, the mother figures, the leaders out front and the quiet storms behind the scenes; to all the women who keep the world turning and to Mother Earth, herself.  This track is a universal anthem-like song that features Amy’s arresting vocals, piano playing and songwriting that introduces listeners to the dreamy landscape that she and Harrison have created.   

The recording project marks another chapter in Amy’s musical narrative. In addition to her previous four solo albums and stints in critically-acclaimed Austin groups Fabu and Hush, she can be heard on jingles used in national ad campaigns for Disney, eBay, the NY Lottery, Barbie/Mattel and more. Her new record scheduled for release in 2022, Atchley delivers expertly crafted indie pop reminiscent of artists such as Vanessa Carlton, Lana Del Rey, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, and Aimee Mann. 

Born and raised in Houston-Gavleston area, Atchley is based in Austin after several years spent honing her skills in New York City at legendary venues like CBGB’s Gallery, The Bitter End and The Living Room. A graduate of the University of Texas’ School of Music, Atchley draws upon a number of influences ranging from classical musings of Elly Ameling to the raw-edged provocation of PJ Harvey. Her backing band, which includes strings and horns (Atchley contributes on piano and guitar), is versatile enough to incorporate all of Atchley’s varied influences, resulting in an infectious indie pop sound that is fronted by Amy’s wistful soprano. She resides in a green community, where she is a prominent leader for social and environmental justice programs. She is mom to two teen girls and married to Austin’s “Texas Tenor” critically acclaimed jazz saxophonist, Elias Haslanger. 

Her first release since 2014’s EP “Where You Go”, “Sometimes a Woman is King”, is nine tracks (eight originals and one cover) that deliver listeners into different scenes, whether it’s the gripping and dark sensual rush of “Irene” that lives in a chromatic dangerous microcosm that underscores the addiction of a toxic love or the earthy verses of “We Are All Made of Stars” that evolve into a hypnotic, lush trip in the choruses. 

“Art is humanity and I feel such gratitude for my music. It is how I find connection and is my outlet to process life’s ups and downs.” - which is exemplified in Amy’s song “Run Baby” - a very personal song that Amy wrote about saying goodbye to her mother when she was dying. The heart-breaking track is honest and vulnerable with a burn-in-you-brain type chorus that leans Americana with organ and jangling guitars and is a striking juxtaposition to the powerful and inspirited “Down to the Sound” which is coated in emotional intensity that showcases Amy’s vocal prowess and songwriting smarts. “All is Love” is an opulent and haunting piano driven ballad themed on the “love is love” movement that was written to stand with love in the face of hate. Sentimental melodies resound throughout the song with a disarming bridge and a heart-swelling chorus. “Lovelight” shines with luminous vocals and has a catchy counterpoint on the choruses with hooky guitar riffs, while “Lifeline” is contemplative and captures the isolation and adaptability we have all faced in order to survive in our turbulent and pandemic-world.  In this collection of tunes Amy performs a transformative and sparse rendition of  Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" that highlights her crystalline vocals and touching take on this classic song.

With new material ready to make its entrance onto the indie scene, Amy Atchley is restless with life’s challenges and gifts. Grieving the recent loss of both of her parents, raising two teen girls in the middle of a pandemic, working on social/ environmental impact projects, and creating music; Amy finds steady ground in trying to make the world a better place through her passions. In the midst of a beautiful chaos, one thing’s for sure: listeners who join her musical journey are in for an alluring transcendence into the art and dreamscape of Amy Atchley. 

"... angelic voice, infectious songs.” HITS Magazine

"... infectious indie pop sound fronted by Atchley's ethereal soprano ... all originals transport listeners ..."   
-Texas Music Magazine 

“... the Austin singer-songwriter delivers impeccably crafted originals that fully capture her pop smarts, vocal prowess and accomplished musicianship.”  
 - Music News Nashville 

"... laid-back ethos blasted with a summery, Barton Springs vibe … piano ballads nuanced by her delicate, controlled vox … a love provocation, swaying back and forth through a haze of guitar and key scales."  
- Austin Chronicle  

"Her whispered, sometimes sultry vocals are slightly evocative of Shannon Worrell, while her songs vary from piano-driven melodies ... to reverbed guitar riffs." - Austin Monthly Magazine 

"Her sound is rooted in Joni Mitchell’s Laurel Canyon folk/pop/jazz, but the lyrics are personal."  
-  Austin Post, Michael Corcoran

"... angelic voice, infectious songs.” - Who's Buzzin' - HITS Magazine

"Her songs rumble with emotion." - NY Times, Andrew Taber